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DCSI has several decades of combined global executive search, corporate consulting, talent acquisition consultancy, and high technology design, innovation, engineering and manufacturing expertise.  Simply put, we are completely focused on providing the very best service to every individual we come into contact with.  We believe that it is always better to do the right thing than to be right and we are committed to this practice. 


 Our team has built its reputation as being one of the most trusted and respected in the business and the vast majority of our work comes through referrals and long-time repeat partnerships.  We specialize in organizational evaluation, restructuring, corporate consulting and talent acquisition team advisory, venture capital and private equity projects and global executive recruiting.

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Meeting All of Your Needs


Corporate, Venture Capital & Private Equity Consulting

DCSI offers a variety of customizable organizational services that include, but are not limited to, Corporate Restructuring & Organizational Development; Confidential Executive Replacement post Acquisition/Merger; Talent Acquisition Team Reorganization - Strategy & Advising.  We also can help direct and introduce Private Equity groups and Investment firms to potential acquisition targets.

We've successfully partnered with global electronics manufacturers at locations all around the world and periodically visit our customers onsite in the US and internationally.  While we can service almost any high technology sector, we are particularly drawn to and passionate about supporting companies in sectors such as renewable energy, electric vehicles, solar and any other environmentally friendly company including plant base foods research & development, medical & health technology.


We have successfully partnered with Venture/Investment Capital groups and Private Equity, and global corporations in the rebuilding of organizations and business units as well as supporting future, current and ongoing M&A activity and restructuring.  We have a variety of services available during your due diligence process, prior to a merger or acquisition, that can help you gain additional layers of visibility and insight into executive teams through our competitive analysis services. 


DCSI also offers custom advisory and consulting services to your talent acquisition leadership team in which will evaluate and provide training and guidance that will immediately improve efficiency, loyalty and job satisfaction for your entire recruitment team.


 Contact us today to learn more about these services.

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Building Companies - Advancing Careers



If you have an urgent position that must be filled within a certain time constraint, or that is a confidential replacement or addition to your team, you’ll directly benefit from our retained searches. Our retained searches offer our clients the highest level of service within our firm and include a position specific dedicated team and dedicated time allowance to ensure fulfilling your need(s) as efficiently as possible.


We’ll meet or speak with each decision maker in the interview process, then formulate a critical requirement list needed to determine if an applicant is a potential match. We will then lie out a projected timeline and structured process that includes how your search and company is marketed and presented, candidate screening & profiling, background checks and offer extension.  DCSI guarantee’s our retained searches in writing.


We offer a Contingent bases search as our most general service option.  Having a Contingent based service agreement in place with DCSI enables you to quickly turn on new searches while still taking advantage of your own on-going internal searching.   Contingency based searches are typically awarded on an exclusive basis to our recruiting team, and not to multiple search firms.  Awarding DCSI exclusivity to a search, or searches, brings a higher level of credibility and integrity to your search.  It also enables you to have a single source carry and market a dedicated and focused message to perspective talent in a manner in which you customize.  We are a proven quantity in regards to serving as an extension to your marketing and branding efforts on a global scale.

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For additional information about our services, contact us directly by phone or email.

DCSI - Damron Corp. Solutions Intl.

3940 Broad Street, #7173

San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 USA

805-773-1800 or 805-801-9663

Thank you for contacting us - we'll be in touch as quickly as possible.

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